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New Warrior Graduation
These are inspiring words from men who just graduated from The New Warrior Training Adventure Weekend in Minnesota, October 2010. This weekend is put on by The Mankind Project USA and is a very intense initiation into manhood. This weekend and the follow up has made powerful differences in thousands of men's lives. They learn to trust themselves and how to use the powers they innately own, their shadows. You can find out more at www.mkp.org
Madeline Island Quiet Waves
Enjoy 15 minutes of very peaceful quiet waves. This is a full 3D Binaural Stereo recording. Using headphones you will be totally surrounded with wonderfully relaxing sounds. Listen for the crow flying by.
The World's Oldest Wood - Ancient Kauri
Hear the fascinating story about the wood that is really 50,000 years old. You can see the web site www.ancientwood.com
Talking With Your Shadow
Description of what Shadow is and how you can talk with your own Shadows to reclaim some of the gold you are hiding.
A Circle of Men
How to set up and run a circle of men. Wonderfully rich and deep conversations can happen in these small groups of men. Click here for the written version, it has tips for running an on-line group.
Counting to 100 In Italian
Listen to my splendid son in law count to 100.
Madeline Island Shoreline
Enjoy the rich sounds of waves washing up onto the sandy beaches of Madeline Island in stereo.
Sounds of Old Old Engines
The delightful sounds of 100 year old engines. Wonderful single cylinder engines with exposed timing gears. Steam engines, gas and kerosene fired. Slow steady machines.
Sounds of Muscle Cars
Rich throaty sounds of old muscle cars and street machines. Excellent ambiance sound for your garage gatherings. You might be able to tell what cars you are listening to.
Todays Dragons, a talk by Robert Moore
A talk about dragons in myth and psyche presented by Robert Moore, famous Jungian analyst and author of several books on initiation and archetypes. Hear how dragons have shown up throughout human history to represent the collective unconsciousness. You will hear a warning about the cost of ignoring these energies and how they are the treasure source of your creativity. You will hear about the hope of creative order. If you listen carefully you will hear some very wise advise. Please visit Moore's web site www.robertmoorephd.com
The Little Red Hen
An old and delightful childrens story about an industrious Little Red Hen.
Men Making A Difference
Stories and laughter. How do men value themselves and others? Enjoy a sometimes irreverent meeting of men who know their shadows and trust each other.
Interview With An Old Friend
Enjoy hearing questions answered by a friend who has seen some trouble in his time and is evolving into a thoughtful older guy. Hear what he has to say about being a dad, drinking, guns, blessing, recovery, the wife, the kids, and getting a little wiser.
A Conversation Among Old Friends
A lively conversation among friends who have known each other for over 20 years and are very good at pushing each others boundaries.
Lots of stories and a little bad advice.
A rich evening.
Chris Gets A Gun
Come shopping with us when we buy Chris a lovely shotgun. Chris is blind.
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